Gastric Sleeve - also called a sleeve gastrectomy - is a relatively new procedure that, like the other surgeries, promote weight loss by restricting food intake. This procedure also removes the section of the stomach responsible for producing hormones that stimulate hunger, and it does not alter the intestine. 


We can set you up with a gastric sleeve procedure in the Mexico for



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Revision surgeries are required for fixing complications from previous procedures. These procedures cost $5,400. To learn more about Lap Band to sleeve and sleeve to bypass surgeries, click here.


Roux en Y (RNY) is a bariatric procedure that staples off a 1-ounce stomach pouch at the upper portion of the stomach. A section of small bowel is then attached to the pouch via a small opening, which simulates the pyloric valve. This procedure costs $6,000.

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The Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) is a simple and successful and laparoscopic weight loss surgery. The operation usually lasts 30 minutes, and hospitalization is almost always less than 24 hours. MGB is low risk, and the prospects of long-term, permanent weight loss are excellent. The procedure results in minimal pain, and costs $5,500

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A duodenal switch is a gastric reduction procedure that has two major parts.

The first part is the removal of approximately 70% of the stomach along the greater curvature and most of the duodenum. The second part is the rerouting of a portion of small intestine.

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The Lap-Band creates a small pouch in the upper part of the stomach with a controlled and adjustable stoma, which limits food intake. A gastric band device is introduced through small incisions in the abdomen, and is placed around the upper part of the stomach. This band significantly reduces the size of the stomach.

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