I grew up in a family of five, with two older brothers. As I grew up, I stayed active and played sports. I was always competitive with my brothers, trying to beat them at games, races, arm wrestling and just about anything (I didn’t win often…lol). Even though I was active I started putting on weight around age 13. I always felt less than everyone around me because I wasn’t a skinny kid. With that low self-esteem, I felt like I didn’t “belong” or “fit" in any group. I didn’t let myself go on dates because I didn’t think a guy would want me.  My self- image was damaged and I was truly an introvert until my 20’s. My sophomore year in high school, I weighed 210 lbs, and played basketball. In junior high and high school I ran track, played softball, played basketball and threw the shot-put. I also rode horses and bicycles. However, the weight kept increasing. By the time I was 23 years old, I weighed about 250 lbs.

 I missed out on so many milestones in my life, due to the way I thought people were looking at me. I always felt fatter than I was, and what I cared about most was my physical appearance. Desperate to fit in and feel attractive to guys, I settled for a lot of relationships that were harmful to me. I found myself with the kind of man I wouldn't wanted to stay with forever. Looking back now, I see that the men who wanted me, were guys that took advantage of girls like me.

 My diet history was similar to many of the folks I have helped throughout the years. I started dieting at the age of eight. I tried every diet known to mankind, and several of them on numerous occasions. I tried liquid diets, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, calorie-based diets, Schick Weight loss, low carb, low sugar, Atkins diet, etc. I could lose up to about 40 lbs, then gain it back. I never reached a goal weight, which made me feel like a failure. This only added to my self-loathing.

By the time I sought out weight loss surgery, I was 41 years old. In 2003, I sold my home and used the equity to fly to Mexico and try the “new” Lapband surgery. At that time, I weighed between 400-420 lbs. I was uninsurable here in the states, couldn’t afford the bypass, and the Lapband was'd offered in the US. Due to my poor health, I couldn’t walk 20 feet or stand for more than five minutes without sitting down. I am a hairdresser by trade, and my weight caused professional setbacks. My clients had to sit on the floor, or even a cushion sometimes. I was always embarrassed because I felt I didn’t have the will to lose the weight. (I have since learned that will power had nothing to do with it). I had four abdominal hernia repairs, and my liver was three to four times bigger than a normal liver. The surgeons told me that my liver was dying and turning black, and it probably wouldn’t last another year if I hadn’t done the Lapband. While in Mexico, I received excellent care from the hospital staff and doctors. You can imagine my excitement to finally take the situation into my own hands. In the months following my procedure, I kept in touch with the surgeons. I knew that I wanted to do more once I got home. I felt like screaming it from the rooftops! After my own success, I wanted to help other Americans. I want to show others that options, good options, are available.

Back Home
As fate would have it, I started working with one of the surgeons who did my Lapband. I loved helping new patients by sharing my experience and success with weight loss. I had the Lapband for three and a half years. After that time, I got an erosion in 2006 and had to have it removed. I waited eight months and then tried another “new” procedure that was becoming very popular internationally. It was the Gastric Sleeve (VSG). I began teaching patients about the procedure and was on the first team to send patients to Mexico for the Sleeve. It wasn’t until 2011, that American doctors started doing this surgery.
My journey continued. I lost the gained weight but still weight about 265 lbs. In 2010, some of the doctors I worked with offered to do a gastric bypass on me to help me continue the weight loss. I had that done, and today I still weigh about 210 lbs. The procedure they performed is called an RNY bypass.

What I Have Learned
Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition! I am now aware that, in order to lose fat, you must get nutrients in your body. To this day, I continue to work on that. I know if I get 100 grms of protein, take supplements and make healthier food choices, I will reach my goal! Growing familiar with myself, I consider my own health issues with low iron and vitamin D. Now, I make better choices and try to get the nutrition and physical activity needed to lose the rest of my excess weight. Although I have had a meniscus repair and now awaiting a knee replacement, I move forward through the damage that weight gain has caused me.

My journey has been a long one. I have helped thousands of people who seek results through weight loss surgery. Answering questions and sharing my personal experience and knowledge from the medical professionals I've met along the way is my passion. The entire team of doctors and nurses that I am associated with in Mexico are all board certified, working at a certified hospital.


Darla C lost 70 lbs. and counting!


After many years of going back and forth from dieting to being content with my weight, I reached almost 300 lbs and decided that enough was enough. I looked at the Lapband earlier on and had decided that it wasn't for me. I also considered the gastric bypass, but that seemed too drastic. Once gastric sleeves became available, I decided that was more aligned with my unique set of medical issues. Unfortunately, my insurance would not pay for the gastric sleeve. I unexpectedly reconnected with my uncle and found out his fiancée, Patti, was a medical tourism consultant. My uncle had gone through the sleeve surgery a year ago and lost well over 100 lbs. I also found out the price was much more affordable to fly to Tijuana and have it done there.

After much trepidation and research, my husband and I decided to go for it. I was scared of having the surgery done in Mexico, but the doctor and the hospital had terrific reviews. Plus, I was assured by Patti and my uncle that everything was kosher. We booked the tickets and hoped for the best.

Patti was awesome and made sure we were comfortable. She even met us in San Diego with my uncle to chauffeured van, directly from the airport to the hospital in Tijuana. They greeted us pleasantly and got me ready for surgery that afternoon.

The surgery went very well, with no complications. I spent the next two days in a comfortable, private room in a nice hospital. I did a lot of walking up and down the halls during those two days. Although I had a blood pressure issue, they dealt with it professionally. After my hospital stay, they verified the surgery was a success. I had my stitches removed and went by van again to the Marriott in Tijuana for one last night in Mexico. The chicken broth there was, I swear, the best thing I had ever tasted, after two days of watered down gatorade and ice chips.


In Tijuana, we walked all day again while shopping, and I even had soup at a nice restaurant that night with my family. It certainly didn't much until I was full, though. The next day, myself and the other people who had the surgery checked out of the hotel and were escorted back over the border and to the airport to return home.


While on the trip back, one of the ladies was speaking about what she had experienced when she had the surgery to her friend who she had escorted to Mexico. She warned her that her hair and skin would have issues. After hearing that, I did some research and discovered that biotin really helps with hair, skin and nails. I began a regimen of vitamin supplements as soon as I returned home, including the biotin, protein, multivitamins and B12. I truly believe those supplements have helped me retain my hair without the massive hair loss some have reported, but I admit some of the luster is gone.  


Keeping enough protein in my diet was probably the hardest part of post-op, and finding things to eat that were healthy and tasty was a challenge as well. It all worked out, though. I am nine months post-operative, and I have lost 70 lbs. I purposely didn't lose weight too quickly because I was concerned about my almost 50-year-old skin bouncing back. So far, that has paid off. I don't think I will need skin removal surgery. My goal is another 30 lbs, and I think I can make it by my one year anniversary. I highly recommend Patti,the doctors and hospital in Tijuana. All were very professional and encouraging.


Doug C lost 192 lbs. and counting!

My name is Doug. In 2011, I found myself weighing in at 420 lbs. I was on medication that I didn't want and used a sleep apnea machine. I was constantly tired. I searched for a way to get fix it. I tried all the diets you could imagine. I then turned to the internet and found Patti. With her help and my wife by my side, I went on the adventure of a lifetime.


On May 5, 2011, we flew to California and took a bus to Mexico. I had the gastric sleeve operation done with excellent care at an off-site campus. Five years later, I still have no problems. This is no magic pill. This is a lifestyle change. So get ready!


I lost 192 lbs, and you can see the difference. I feel so much better, have so much more energy, and can live life to its fullest.


Tanya S lost 100 lbs. and counting!

My name is Tanya. I got the sleeve three years ago in Tijuana Mexico. I have lost 100 lbs and have kept it off! The doctors in Tijuana were great. Miss Patti took great care of me through the whole process, and she notified my family before and after my surgery to keep them in the loop the whole time. 


Since coming back to Houston, both the doctors and Patti continue to check up on me, which I find incredibly personal and touching. The whole experience I had in Tijuana was great, and I would recommend anyone who is looking to have a bariatric procedure go through WeightFix. 


Angel H lost over HALF her body weight!

I was in a horrible head-on car wreck that crushed my leg. I was on bedrest and remained in a wheelchair for a year. The weight I gained was compromising the hardware in my leg so I decided to get a gastric sleeve. I, however, was a grazer, and didn't change what I ate. Because of these eating habits, it failed and I gained even more weight back. I fell back into depression. I thought to myself, "who can fail a weight loss surgery?"

I contacted Patti, and she set me up in Baja for a revision gastric bypass. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE. I lost more than half my body weight and am doing great.

Trust this gal. She knows her stuff and will help every step of the way.


My name is Candis, and I used to weigh 320 lbs. At 5'2", that is a lot of rock to roll. Man, life was hard. I could'nt breathe when I walked, and I couldn't sleep. I was alive, but I wasn't living. One day, I was haulin' through Dallas and I saw this billboard advertising for the Gastric Sleeve. My little sister had received the RNY, and, after watching her battle it, I knew that wasn't the answer for me. I thought I might die, truth be told. However, the Sleeve was so much easier for a surgeon to do. The logistics of it were simple, and I loved the idea. 


By the time I found Patti, I had slaved my way down to around 285 lbs. In my pre-op liver shrinking diet, I lost about 17 lbs. On Surgery day, I scaled in at 253 lbs. The hospital was so much better than I expected. My daddy was a hosptital department head, so I know hospitals. I literally had a doctor within 45 feet of me at all times, and the nurses came immediately when I needed them. Not everyone spoke English, but everyone knew exactly how to do their jobs professionally and kindly. The "service" was amazing and I couldn’t have had better anywhere else. 


With Patti's help, I wittled my way down to 163 lbs. Its funny how that number still seems "fat", but, you know what? I didn't complain one bit about going from a size 30/32 to a size 12!


Just do it. It is easy peasy and worth every one of those tiny pennies. I promise. 

Candis G lost over 155 lbs. and counting!
Jay H lost over 110 lbs. and counting!


Starting out, I was fighting an uphill battle. I had been working a desk job for 15 years, did little to no exercise and had terrible eating habits. It's no surprise that I found myself at the age of 41 and within reach of 400 lbs. I had a few friends who had tried gastric sleeves, and they had nothing positive to say about the experience, so I wrote it off. I didn't think much of it until a friend, who met with Patti, had done the vertical gastric sleeve raved about it. I still I held out for a few years. Years passed when I could have taken my life back, had I stepped up to the plate.


It wasn't until I was having knee problems and frequent ankle issues that I knew I had to admit that I had a problem. I ate too much food, and didn't exercise. I needed to get serious. I got in touch with Patti, went through the process, and I had plenty of questions. She was gracious enough to answer each one. I healed quickly, with very little pain. It all just seemed intuitive. I won't say that this is a magical process. It's still going to take work, dedication and forethought. Bad eating habits can set back any person who doesn't recognize the process of weight gain in the first place. This is a powerful tool and, like all tools, one must be taught how to use it for the best results. 


I'm still working my way through weight loss. I started on March 8th at 400 lbs. Within a month of doing pre-op diet, I was down 30 lbs. Since then, I have lost an additional 82 lbs and counting. It's slower now, but it's a process that takes work and effort. It's a process I am thankful for giving me health and mobility back. Everyone is amazed at how well I've done. Thank you Patti for everything! 


So glad i made the decision to work with Patti, After trying every single diet, exercise program and countless gym memberships.  She was their to help me through every step of the process. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who is looking to improve health.